Colby's Ride, founded in honor of 11 year old Colby Smith who died in a biking accident will provide bikes to children who cannot afford them at Christmas and in May, on Colby's birthday. A minimum of 25 bikes each December and May will be donated in Colby's honor.

Anyone who knew Colby, knows Colby loved bikes and the joy that bikes brought to the people he loved. He could always be found with a wrench working on a bike or changing a tire. Not only was Colby a good rider but he taught bike riders twice his age how to do tricks as well.

A favorite memory of Colby’s mom and dad is the time he awakened them early one Saturday morning and talked them into going to local yard sales to find good deals on bikes. He convinced them to buy those bikes and give them to his young neighborhood friends who didn’t have one.

Colby’s young friends loved the bike competition he held in his neighborhood complete with racing trophies. He had won several BMX trophies and when he learned that none of them had ever won a trophy, he set up various races until each of his friends won. It was important for Colby that they could have the thrill of winning, too. Each child went home with a trophy.

In Colby's compassionate spirit, Colby's Ride was created to give back to the community and provide the same joy Colby had to other children.